7 reasons to stay in touch with your prospects and customers

Staying in touch with prospects and customers is about as important as anything your organization can do.  Staying in touch has great significance.

7 Reasons to Stay In-touch:

  1. Repetition offers you multiple opportunities to be in the ‘right place at the right time’ for when your prospect or customer needs what you have to offer
  2. Increase the chance the message you deliver is a fit for any given prospect or customer
  3. Contacts come and go within organizations and an undeliverable email is a strong sign your contact is no longer available
  4. Vary the look and style of your communications from highly personal to mass communication, etc.
  5. Each time you reach a contact, whether they respond or not, you can build your brand and credibility
  6. An incoming email provides an easy way for the prospect or customer to find you
  7. You have something new and important to say!

Use this list of seven reasons to trigger ideas for your next campaign.  Plan ahead by scheduling the need to get a message out even if you don’t know what you will be saying.  Manage to a deadline on a regularly scheduled basis.

Marketer’s make a big mistake by “waiting for a reason.”  Businesses need to find reasons.  

Your chances for engagement with a prospect or customer increase with each communication attempt.  Like sports, for example, in hockey or soccer players need to take multiple shots on goal.  Compliment your email communications with phone calls.  Put calls and emails together to achieve synergy and lift the likelihood of an interaction even greater still.

So if you don’t have something to say, you better find a reason.  There are plenty of good reasons for reaching out to your prospects and customers.

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