Marketing Automation – Do I have your attention now?

If you’re concerned about your organization’s marketing, the likelihood is that the term “Marketing Automation” interests you since in a new survey of marketing professionals, 76% say marketing automation is “very important.”  Yet, according to this same survey of marketing professionals, over 58% are making limited use of marketing automation or want to make more use of it.  Only 36% are making “extensive use.”

Where does marketing automation come into play?  What are the MOST IMPORTANT GOALS of a marketing automation strategy?

Marketing Automation - have your attention

All of this is good news for GoldMine Premium CRM users.  GoldMine’s “Automated Processes” features can be used effectively to help an organization in following up and nurturing leads.  Web integration enables you to tie leads from web forms into your GoldMine database.  Reporting tools can help with measuring performance.

GoldMine Automated Processes allow you to set up a series of predefined actions to be performed on any contact or group of contacts in the GoldMine database, automating routine tasks such as sending drip marketing campaigns, scheduling/sending responses to leads from your website, or any other series of business processes.

With GoldMine’s Web Import feature you can automatically create or update  a contact record in GoldMine from information submitted from the web.  With GoldMine Web Import there is no longer any need to re-enter data by hand. Web Import helps reduce data entry errors by eliminating the need to retype information into GoldMine.

Once the information is submitted or passed to the web import processing script, an email is generated and sent to your GoldMine system which is automatically retrieved and processes in order to create a new contact record or update an existing contact record if a matching email address is found in the system.  Specific people in your organization can be notified of the new lead.

Once the new contact record is created or an existing contact record updated, you can unleash the power of GoldMine’s Automated Processes to automatically send an e-mail, automatically print a letter and envelope, automatically schedule a follow up call! GoldMine Web Import frees you from having to “copy/paste” data from emails and other application into GoldMine, and allows you to focus on serving your customers and building your business processes.

Desire is one thing and execution is another.  The problem comes about since only 32% rated their marketing automation at “very successful.”  Or, as I like to say, “Automation makes follow-up easy.  But it’s hard to make it easy.” What are the barriers to success?  Ascend looked into that too, and this is what they found from the marketing professionals they surveyed:

Marketing Automation - Barriers to Entry


Fortunately, First Direct is able to help you break through several of these barriers to success!  First Direct Corp. offers an Automated Processes Workshop.  Or, we can meet with you privately to discuss your objectives and direct you to the optimum approach for achieving results.   Give a call at (800) 935-4386 and set up a free no obligation discussion with us.

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Copyright Note:  The firm that produced the report, Ascend2, uses “Research-Based Demand Generation” process to generate leads.  By surveying professionals and then producing reports on topics of interest to attract interest from targeted audiences.