About Us

GoldMineSuccess is a copyright publication of First Direct Corporation.

Our Mission Statement:

To help organizations market, sell and service better by deploying and supporting award-winning technology and guiding you through the best practices for the solutions we provide.

Since 1991, First Direct Corp. has been enabling our customers to leverage the power of award winning sales and service technology. First Direct is unlike many other computer resellers who simply sell hardware and software but fail to add real value. Such resellers too often fail to understand the “applied” side of the technology and therefore don’t address mission critical factors in the design and deployment of a solution. As a result, they leave you hanging for ways to recoup your investment.

While today’s CRM solutions are highly sophisticated, even the simplest solutions fall short without a precise & supervised implementation. First Direct enables you to increase profitable customer relationships by offering a fully integrated, end-to-end CRM solution that is backed by excellent support and exceptional training.