First Direct Corp Earns Another GoldMine Top Partner Award

First Direct Corporation is proud to earn the high GoldMine Premier Elite Partner status for another year.  First Direct has represented GoldMine CRM software for ~25 years and earned more top awards for over more years than any GoldMine Partner. 

As President of First Direct Corporation, one of the factors that I attribute our success to is that we use GoldMine and strive to set an example of the potential that GoldMine and related add-on applications offer.   “A CRM application is not a silver bullet – it is only as useful as the organization and it’s users make it,” says Bob Ritter, President.   “Configuration, training and best practices are among the keys to success.”

Products don’t come out-of-the-box customized to your exact needs.  A Solution Partner’s role is to help you “turn software into a system.”  First Direct has the expertise to relate the products we offer to each organization’s needs.

If you’re using GoldMine CRM or considering it, I invite you to learn more about our professional services.

First Direct’s Mission: 

To Help Organizations Market, Sell and Service Better by Deploying and Supporting Award-Winning Technology and Guiding You Through the Best Practices for the Solutions We Provide.

Call me: (845) 221-3800 and let’s discuss your situation.

Bob Ritter, President, First Direct Corporation