Resources for GoldMine Users

One of the ways First Direct Corp. seeks to assist organizations to make greater use of GoldMine Premium CRM is by providing FREE resources.

One of the ways we fulfill our mission to help organizations market, sell and service better is to publish a blog for GoldMine users and administrators. Below are other sources of information regarding the GoldMine and related add-ons applications which we have available to you:

GoldMine Success Blog Articles *
GoldMine Training Videos
Technical Documents and Manuals
GoldMine Product Release Notes

*I particularly want to call your attention to tips we post on this blog to help you to use and support GoldMine better!

If anyone at your company is looking for assistance or information regarding GoldMine CRM or any related add-ons please reach out to me and let’s talk about it!

Bob Ritter, President, First Direct Corporation
Publisher of GoldMine Success Blog

(845) 221-3800 x 101