Server Side Calendar, Email and Contact Synchronization

Article Written by: Debbi Harvie of Riva

We all live by our calendars, whether it’s a meeting with a client, a lunch with your administrator, or your child’s soccer match. Regardless of what the appointment is, you have an obligation to be there and there are often stringent consequences if you don’t make it.

That’s why many companies have turned to online appointment scheduling applications, to simplify and automate the process of scheduling appointments, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

These apps can be incredibly helpful when there are multiple people involved in a meeting or appointment, however, the real issue arises when these calendar items are not synchronized with your CRM system.

Many companies base employee bonuses on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like the number and duration of meetings. Imagine not being able to accurately see this information in CRM. It’s a lose-lose situation, because employees become disgruntled that they aren’t being fairly compensated, on top of the fact that they are spending additional time in their day updating multiple systems, and management isn’t able to accurately track patterns that lead to higher win rates and coaching opportunities. It’s also critical to be able to track who participated in meetings and what was discussed, particularly for financial services organizations.

GoldMine Users Know Too Well

Bob Ritter, President of First Direct Corporation points out that “Many organizations which use GoldMine know these issues too well.  Keeping their calendars in Outlook and using Exchange Server for their mail server, they run into the challenge of keeping their GoldMine CRM system up-to-date with those essential other office systems.”  

“While GoldMine offers integrations to Outlook, including the ability to link emails and synchronize contacts and calendars, this integration works at the client, rather than the server side.  That approach is open to issues that are removed with Riva.  Plus Riva provides greater control and centralizes the administration.  The advantage of Riva are where the value is derived. “

Here’s where Riva can help

Riva delivers a single, unified calendar view across your calendar applications and devices by integrating your CRM and email systems, and works with online appointment scheduling apps like TimeTrade, Microsoft FindTime, Doodle, Calendly, and many others.

Riva’s ability to provide this one unified calendar view is critical for large banks, insurance companies, and professional services firms that rely heavily on appointments and meetings throughout the buyer journey.

How it works

Your online appointment scheduling app helps determine the best time for a meeting between attendees while Riva ensures your CRM and email calendars are in sync and always up to date. When the scheduling app puts the appointment in your calendar, Riva syncs it to the CRM so all calendars display the exact same information.

Riva improves customer service and makes online appointment scheduling more effective by:

  • Increasing productivity: Online appointment scheduling apps help companies generate more leads, reduce schedule-tag, and close business faster. Riva ensures all calendars are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Automating appointment sync: Regardless of where you schedule the appointment, CRM, email, or online scheduling app, Riva ensure your calendar and CRM are in sync.
  • Unifying calendar views: No more double-booking or missing appointments because you can ensure your calendar is always accurate with a single, unified view of all calendar appointments.
  • Delivering omnichannel scheduling: Riva connects your calendars across desktops, laptops, browsers, mobile devices, and CRMs, and makes online appointment scheduling apps more effective.

Riva allows you to sync multiple invitees, scale from hundreds of appointments being synchronized to millions of appointments with confidence, and is completely configurable to meet any and all CRM and email integration requirements.

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