GoldMine Data Assessment

Assessing the quality of your CRM data is an important way to shed light on possible data cleanliness errors and marketing holes (missing emails, address, etc) in your GoldMine database. Findings offer actionable opportunities for improving the quality of your data, your sales team’s discipline and the effectiveness of your marketing.   Repeating the process and bench-marking the results provides measurable insights over time which management can use to gauge improvement.

Areas to evaluate may include:

  • Record type breakdown (i.e. customer, prospect, etc.)
  • Duplicate company records, and/or duplicate primary contacts or phone numbers for easy cleaning
  • “Junk” to be cleaned out for better performance (i.e. email items in deleted folders)
  • Orphaned records with disconnected actions, meetings, or worse (actual record data missing)

In addition, you will want to perform queries on subsets of record types in order to assess data quality on the types of Relationships (prospects, customers, etc.) that are most critical to your organization.  Details you’ll be looking for include:

  • Missing essential contact information such as email address, physical address, phone numbers
  • Improperly formatted email addresses
  • Mission critical or key fields that are not being populated
  • Records that have no history in 120 days or no pending activities (or time frame that suits your business needs)
  • Records that may have been overlooked (missing history and pending information)
  • Merge codes and other ways you segment your database of contacts into decision makers and influencers
  • Way you flag records in order to drill down your lists to eliminate records, such as prospects you “do not want to contact”

GoldMine features tools that can be used for data assessment.  There are also add-on products that offer great benefits, above and beyond.  First Direct Corp can perform an assessment for your organization and counsel you on the findings.   If you’re looking to improve the quality of your data, the first place to start may be an data assessment.  Contact First Direct Corp. at (845) 221-3800.