Rolling Up Your GoldMine CRM Data

Rolling Up Your GoldMine CRM Data

 Organizations handle a wide range of business matters relating to: Relationships (prospects, customers, vendors, etc.), Opportunities, Projects, Customer Service Issues, etc. One of the greatest challenges with staying organized is having the means of tracking those various interactions and related information. Examples: Calls, Appointments, Emails, Documents, etc.

With GoldMine Premium CRM users can easily track the details concerning:

  • Contacts/Company (Prospects, customers, vendors, etc.)
  • Opportunities (Deals in your pipeline)
  • Projects
  • Cases (Customer service tickets)


As the people in an organization do their day-to-day, they need to be tracking meaningful information as they go along.  Salespeople, customer service representatives and others need to collect pertinent information as it is obtained while they do their day. Otherwise, such information is very often lost and unavailable when it is needed. For nearly 15 years while I taught Direct Response Advertising at Marist College I would explain to my students why, “Later is never when it comes to entering information into a CRM database.”

 “Later is never when it comes to entering information into a CRM database.” 
 President First Direct Corporation 

In the course of operations, when the need for that information arises, GoldMine users have a few ways to access it. The more common situations which call for this data are:

 Sales and Sales Management
 Planning & Analysis for Decision Making
 Customer Service

GoldMine provides a few ways to access and view such information/data including:

 Viewing within the User Interface (application screens and program windows)
 Queries/Filters and Look-ups
 Dashboards and Reports

When your CRM information is easily viewed within the user interface it lessens the need for reporting and enables your staff to be more productive in real-time.

Inside GoldMine Premium CRM a user can easily roll up the data in the underlying Microsoft SQL database. GoldMine provides centralized views as it relates to your opportunities, projects and cases where all this information accessible.

GoldMine refers to an opportunity, project or case as an “entity.” Insider GoldMine CRM, those entities are related to one or more contact records in your database. Within GoldMine Premium’s “Centers” for Opportunities, Projects and Cases you will see and roll-up all of the entities related to all your contact records. A user can filter (group) all the entries in the system by User, Stage, Status, etc. This way a user can focus their efforts and work more efficiently.   Every  contact record (company) is a list of all the entities associates with it.

CRM leads to ROI: 

A user in GoldMine CRM can use simple navigation to roll up all the data related a company, an opportunity, a project, or customer service issue.

When the people in an organization can access and share information with your CRM they are able to work smarter and function more effectively as a team. This leads to greater productivity. Ultimately, it results in better service for your prospects and customers. This is how an organization achieves greater profitability and return on it’s CRM investment.

First Direct Corporation Mission Statement:  

To Help Organizations Market, Sell and Service Better by Deploying and Supporting Award-Winning Technology and
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