A ONE Record Email Merge? YUP!

Most marketers are familiar with doing a broadcast email. Regardless of which email service a organization uses, the concept of doing a broadcast email is widespread knowledge. Many companies are personalizing their broadcast communications – let’s call that an “email merge.” By the same token, I doubt you have heard of doing a personal email merge to one organization. I do it regularly and let me explain why and how with GoldMine CRM.

I am sharing my top secret sales tip with you.  🙂

WHY: You have multiple contacts from the same organization and you want to send a personal email to each of them individually without multiple recipients on the same email. However, you may not want to send to everyone you know in the organization.

When I am doing sales follow-up there are often several people within an organization that I am in contact with. You know how it is — we have decision makers, influencers and administrative support staff who may run be involved and helping in one way or another. Who do you select for a “touch base” email or an email concerning an announcement or other even a holiday communication?

Often times I feel I am better off sending such a message to all my “key contacts” in an organization. However, I still want to maintain the appearance of a single personalized message to each of them.

 HOW: There are a couple ways to go about merging an email to all the contacts of an organization and still filter out only the contacts within the organization you want included in your communications. If you’re maintaining separate GoldMine Records for each contact, you could use GoldMine “tagging” feature to select multiple records. If you’re maintaining Additional Contacts within a single GoldMine Record, you can use the “Mail Merge” option of “All Contacts linked to (the record).









With either method you are able to use the feature to “Limit to Email Merge Code” to select that contact emails from within the GoldMine Record. I realize this concept is probably foreign to many of those in my audience. If you are interested in attempting this and you’d like some assistance, that is fine – that is what I do. Contact me by calling (845) 221-3800 or online.