IntelliClick Standard Edition – 20% Discount Offer Ends June 30th 2014

IntelliClick for GoldMine announced a SPECIAL PROMOTION that I think you might be interested in, but if you are interested in taking advantage of this special promotion do hurry as it expires at the end of June 2014.

Does your organization use Constant Contact, MailChip, Vertical Response or another Email Service Provider for sending and tracking your email campaigns? Users of competitor products to IntelliClick for GoldMine, such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response, etc., can now switch to/purchase IntelliClick Standard and recieve a 20% discount … PLUS receive bonus features valued at $800 at no extra charge for the first subscription year. 

In addition, customers will receive the following BONUS services:

  1. Email Data Verification
    Customers can have their database of email addresses validated before sending their first campaign; the cost for the first 5,000 validated email addresses is waived (a $75 value)
  2. Unsubscribe & Undeliverable Email Address Flagged In GoldMine
    As part of their installation, competitive upgrade users will have their unsubscribe and undeliverable email data from their existing provider uploaded and flagged for exclusion in their GoldMine system, so they are immediately ready for their first send.
  3. Premium On-line HTML Editor Account
    This is an upgrade from the standard account and includes over 900 professional grade HTML email templates PLUS rendering testing capabilities across all email platforms (mobile, web and client installed) – a $95 value
  4. Added Monthly Send Quota
    Includes an SMTP relay account with a monthly send quota of 20,000 emails (vs. 10,000) – a $130 value

IntelliClick Promotional Pricing:

Item Reg. Price Promo Rate Savings
IntelliClick Standard $2,495 $1,995 $500
Email Address Verification $15/thousand Waived For 5,000 Email Addresses $75
Premium HTML Editor $95/yr. Waived $95
Upgraded Email Sending Quota $130/yr. Waived $130
Total Savings $800
* Regular annual renewal rates apply after the first year

Promotion Valid For Orders Placed Between May 1 – June 30, 2014

Customers qualify by providing proof of their existing subscription with a competitor’s service.

This offer applies only to the first year subscription/cost of IntelliClick.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this Promotional Offer on IntelliClick for GoldMine, please contact First Direct Corp at (800) 935-4386.

If you haven’t seen what IntelliClick for GoldMine can do for you, then I would suggest registering for a demonstration so I can show you how IntelliClick beats the competition when it comes to Email Marketing and GoldMine CRM.