Learn How To Write SQL Queries for GoldMine

The SQL Query Tab, accessed via Tools >> SQL Query, in GoldMine Premium Edition allows GoldMine users to write SQL Statements to display information contained in your GoldMine databases. SQL Queries can be used to display lists of contact related information regardless of where the information is stored in the GoldMine database. Filters and Groups are great for building lists but there are times when  SQL Queries are better or the only option.  For instance exporting Primary and Additional Email Addresses, Creating a list of contacts based on History items, Scheduled activities, and Details. Not to mention exporting a list from a SQL Query is much easier then using the GoldMine export wizard.


This class will cover the following:

In chapaters 1-6 we will review the table structures in GoldMine. We’ll discuss these tables and how the contact information contained  in them are related to one another. This is an import first step before being able to create/write SQL Queries. In the remaining chapters we will review the SQL SELECT statement and how you can generate lists of contacts and contact related information from the GoldMine database.  Examples will be provided each step of the way.

Chapters Covered

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Database?
  3. What is SQL?
  4. Intro to SQL Database Tables
  5. Understanding SQL Table Relationships
  6. Understanding The GoldMine Database Table Structure
  7. The SQL Select Statement
  8. Sorting/Ordering Data and SQL Aliases
  9. Filtering Data using WHERE, AND, OR, IN, NOT, LIKE
  10. Selecting Data from Multiple Database Tables
  11. Summarizing and Grouping Data
  12. Subqueries, Unions & Using Multiple Instances of the Same Database Table
  13. SQL Functions
  14. Useful GoldMine SQL Queries