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With today being 9/11 I wanted to post something of a more inspiring nature.  Since there is so much already being said about this subject, I figured I would come at it from a different angle.

It’s Friday morning and I have 17 more tasks (calls, actions and appointments) plus any emails or other items that pop up to do today.  As I look back over the week I see that I did 830 things.  This includes 40 actions, 17 calls, 5 appointments and several closed sales.  The rest are emails.  It hasn’t been a particularly busy week.

The most important thing I did this week only took me about 30 minutes to do.  It wasn’t a call or appointment or even a sale.  The most important thing I did this week was send the following personal message out to 464 prospects and customers in California.

Dear (first name),
We’ve done business together but I’m writing to you on a personal note. 
I’m located in New York State, but I can’t help notice the tragic and difficult situation going on in the state of California with fires, electricity, etc.  My heart goes out to the people and businesses in California who are affected and I hope you’re not one. 
These are such challenging times in America, regardless of one’s political opinions. Tragedy such as the fires in California remind me how important it is for us to keep in mind that we are all God’s creatures – all brothers & sisters. 
Hang in there!
Bob Ritter
President, First Direct Corp.  

The responses I’ve received have been heart warming, some sad and all positive!  To say the message was well received is an understatement.

It’s easy to get caught up in business and to overlook the opportunity to make a personal connection with your prospects, customer and vendors.  By the same token, it is also relatively easy to take a moment to find an opportunity to “relate” to people in a more kind and empathetic way.  I find that doing so brightens my day too.  There are so many chances to practice this.

I’ve been selling Customer Relationship Software for over 25 years.  It is a fantastic tool for building RELATIONSHIPS and yet it still amazes me how little organizations use it to do so.