Process = Control = (Productivity + Quality) = ROI = HAPPINESS!!

For me and my business, peace-of-mind depends heavily on my processes.  Our processes for sales, marketing, and customer service provide me the control I need to achieve the productivity I expect from my staff.  Processes are how we ensure consistency and quality.  In the grand scheme, processes are how I derive an ROI (Return on Investment).

Our CRM tools are key to the management of our business processes.  Leads and prospects are stored and followed up within our CRM.  The data that is tracked is used in our sales and marketing processes.  Activity tracking reflects the engagement we have with our relationships and plays into just about every aspect of what we do.

Since an organization is by its very nature a team, it must work together.  Your CRM application is one of the most important tools and it enables your team to work more effectively with one another.

A CRM database is essential for managing all your internal and external relationships.  From the analysis and reporting of your CRM data that provides understanding and basis for decision making.  All the way down to simply checking information within a particular relationship record in order to perform some sort of task.  A CRM system is one of the most valuable and important tools management can have.

Within your CRM, processes dovetail with and roll into one another:

New Lead Processes > Sales Process > Opportunity Management > Project Management > Customer Support.  

A breakdown or bottleneck in any of the process steps along the way can create havoc.  A lost sense of control translates into lost sales, poor customer service, and business failure.  When an organization lacks processes and/or poorly manages them, things get out of control.  The business suffers in a multitude of ways.

In a sense, you could even say that processes are how I achieve happiness during my workday.

Here at First Direct Corporation, our mission is to help our customers to market, sell and service better with award-winning technology.  But I can not emphasize enough how important it is to us to add value to your software by turning it into a system.

Please speak to us about your business!  Contact me personally and let’s discuss how a CRM system can increase your ROI and happiness!