To Sell More…Do More!

As some of my readers know, First Direct Corp. has won more than our share of sales awards. I could point to a few different reasons for this, but the one I wish to focus on in this article is one you can all benefit from. It’s also one that seems terribly obvious. To sell more … do more! 

What does this have to do with GoldMine? Just about everything. If you ask me, what I like most about GoldMine? – The answer is, the way it lets my organization do more. We can make more calls, do more marketing, stay in touch with more contacts, respond to more inquiries, produce more communications, and just simply do more sales than we could possibly do without the software. In other words, I need GoldMine to sell GoldMine!

I’m always struck by the following reaction some sales people have expressed during the first training session, or even during a demonstration of GoldMine. They’ll say something like this, “You expect me to put all this information into a database … when am I going to have time to sell?” When I hear this I want to say, “Who has the time to sell without GoldMine!?”

When I look back over the many articles I’ve written in the past for this newsletter, as well as the free webinars I’ve hosted, I find numerous topics that I’ve shared with my audience to help them sell more by doing more. Yet, as the old expression goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” 

GoldMine gives you an enviable toolset to help you and your organization sell more and market better. But you have to make it happen, or get the help you need (shameless plug). If you’ve reached the threshold or the realization that you need to use GoldMine to sell more … schedule a free, no obligation, meeting with me and start to make it happen. 

Take a look at this upcoming webinar – Using GoldMine Through The Eyes of a Sales Rep – A Sales Centric Approach to Using GoldMine.