Managing Better with GoldMine Record Typing

Sometimes managing people is better accomplished by managing the technology they use.  This certainly can be the case when it comes to your GoldMine database.  Data quality, which I’ll define as accuracy and completeness, is largely in the hands of your users.  What they do each time they’re on record or doing some activity that should be tracked in the database will largely determine the quality of your data.  And, as the database goes, so goes your ability to effectively target and communicate to your customer and prospect base.

“Record Typing” in a feature in GoldMine that enables an organization using GoldMine to present users with fields and screens and fields to dictate the fields that users should view and edit. As a GoldMine Record progresses from a “Lead” to a “Prospect” to a “Customer” the fields in view for the Users to edit can change.  In effect, you are able to design a workflow.
Using Record Typing in this way will enable users to see and be reminded more easily of what information they should collect.  Record Typing can also make it simpler to train new users, who will see fewer fields on the screen. 

By assigning a “Custom Screen” and “GM+View” for each Record Type, as you switch Records, or enter a new Record of one Type or another, the Main Screen (top half) of Record, as well as the custom fields in the Fields Tab, and the GM+View, will switch accordingly.

All the configuration for Record Typing is done within the Records Type Administrator.   I must tell you that the way this works, plus the bugs in GoldMine that relate to this feature, is enough to make you scream.  By the same token once you get the knack of it it’s not too bad.  And, you already know that First Direct is pleased to help you in this area.  I’ve even planned a FREE webinar on this topic – click here for a link to that special event.