Import Excel Data into GoldMine

Have you ever tried to import contact data from Excel into GoldMine? If so you’ve probrobly run into some trouble. The best way is to save the contact data stored in a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet as a dBASE IV (.dbf) file and then import those contacts into GoldMine using the GoldMine Import Wizard not the GoldMine Link to Excel. Here’s how:

* Make sure your columns are wide enough in Excel to view all data in the column. Also make sure your column headings do not contain spaces, numbers or non-alpha characters.

In your Excel spreadsheet, choose file>>Save As. Then, choose a file name and select DB 4 (dBASEIV) from the save as type drop-down menu.

Once the file is saved, close the excel file and open GoldMine and choose Tools>>Import/Export>>Import Contact Records.

Choose to Import a New File and choose DBF as the file type. Then click Next.

Browse to the DBF file that you just saved and click Next and Next again.

Map the appropriate field labels to the appropriate GM fields and choose Next.

If you want to save this data as a profile for future use, select “yes” and type in a profile name. If you do not want to save it as a profile, choose “no” and click on Next.

When you are ready to import the contacts, click finish to start the import.

NOTE: GoldMine’s import feature offers other capabilities, such as duplicate checking, globally filling fields with values not contained in the import file, and attaching GoldMine Automated Processes. For even more advanced import functions we recommend one of the following add-on solutions: GoldBox or Inaport. For further information or assistance contact First Direct Corp.