Creating Filters in GoldMine based on data in the Tabs

Out-of-the box, GoldMine does not allow you to build filters based on information in the tabs (History, Pending, Details, Cases, etc.) Filters in GoldMine can only be created based on the values in the fields on the screen(s). There are two “types” of fields in GoldMine, a system defined field and a custom field. A system defined field is a field that is part of GoldMine out-of-the-box. A custom field is a field that you can create to “customize” your GoldMine. Your custom fields can be one of the following, a Character field, a Numeric field and a Date field.

One of the great things about GoldMine is that its data is stored in a SQL Server database. Using the power of SQL Server  (Stored Procedures and Jobs) it’s possible to update values in fields automatically based on data stored in the tabs in GoldMine. This gives us an additional method of customizing GoldMine. In the following video I demonstrate how a field in GoldMine can be populated to contain the most recent sales date for all the contacts in GoldMine. The most recent sales date is based on a History item of a completed sale. Now this same method can be applied to data in any of the other tabs as well.

For instance maybe you want to quickly and easily get a list of all the contacts that have:

A scheduled call in the next week
An open case
A certain detail
More than 5 help desk tickets that are pending
or get the Total of all Sales for current year

Watch the following video to see how this can be made possible with your GoldMine and SQL Server.