Integrating GoldMine with other applications

In the following video presentation I demonstrate one way of  integrating GoldMine with a number of different web applications. Whether that be integrating GoldMine with an email marketing system to add/subscribe contacts to a subscriber list, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, OR if it’s adding GoldMine contacts to an online accounting system, or some other web application you may use in your business.

Many clients have asked over the years “does GoldMine integrate with ‘XYZ’ application”, and out-of-the-box the answer is “NO”, but can GoldMine be integrated with other applications; Yes of course. Depending on the type of integration a client is looking for, there are different ways of integrating GoldMine with other applications. In this video presentation I demonstrate one of the easiest ways of “integrating” GoldMine with another application. This method uses a web technology referred to as a WEBHOOK.

If you have a need of exporting GoldMine data or sending GoldMine data to another application, this video presentation will give you a good overview of one method for doing so.