Chickens, Goats and CRM

With Labor Day behind us, the end of Summer, Sat. Sept. 23rd, is around the corner.  I hope your year is shaping up nicely.

This year I decided to raise chickens and goats.  I built coops, barns, shelters, fencing. I studied and learned what I could to prepare myself. Finally, the animals all arrived. How’s it going? Great, see for yourself in this little video.

What in the world does this have to do with business and CRM especially? I’m telling you this story as a metaphor.  Raising healthy and productive farm animal requires discipline, effort, consistency, knowledge, technology, investment, time, commitment. So does a CRM system!  There are parallels between the way one approaches marketing…and farming.

Would you like help with your business farming?

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Bob Ritter
First Direct Corp.