The GoldMine CRM Dilemma – Upgrade or Switch

I’ve been selling GoldMine for over 25 years. When I first started selling GoldMine the most difficult objection I had to overcome was whether to use CRM in the first place. There was considerable resistance by salespeople and business owners who still viewed CRM as optional.

Fast forward to today and it is fair to say most salespeople and owners view CRM as a necessity. The objection I face the most now is the perception that GoldMine is outdated and there are stronger competitive alternatives.

Truth — GoldMine has not maintained the lead that it once had as a product and as brand.  However, that does NOT mean it isn’t still a powerful CRM application and the best choice for many firms.

You may be thinking because I sell GoldMine, I am biased.  True enough. But I also sell Zoho, so I have a legitimate basis for saying that GoldMine CRM is still a great solution. I run both applications all day and I still PREFER to use GoldMine.

But for one group of existing CRM users, the choice is much more compelling. That group is existing GoldMine users – companies who already own and use GoldMine CRM … Whether it’s a much older edition or today’s GoldMine Premium.  Here’s some of the advantages I see for staying with GoldMine:

  • GoldMine Still Has It’s Fans – I speak to people every day who love using GoldMine. I also speak to previous GoldMine users whose firm switched to another CRM and who miss GoldMine.
  •  Your Data Stays in GoldMine – Switching from GoldMine to a different  CRM requires a costly migration.  Not so if you upgrade your GoldMine. Data, fields, users and more can be carried over to the most current GoldMine edition.
  •  Far Less Learning Curve – Even if you’ve been using a 15 year old version of GoldMine you can can get right back to work after the upgrade. Previous GoldMine experience is very resonant in the newest edition of GoldMine.  And new features only made GoldMine better and easier to use.
  •  No Down Time – Starting from scratch with a different CRM system takes a lot of planning and getting used to. Avoiding that down time and lost productivity will more than pay for your GoldMine upgrade!
  • The Least Expensive Option – Add up the recurring annual cost of SaS based CRM systems like Salesforce over time, plus the cost migration and learning a new system. Then compare that to upgrading your GoldMine and the maintenance. GoldMine wins.
  • Flexibility – GoldMine can be hosted in the cloud, however, it can also be run on your in-house server. GoldMine is still one of the only CRM that supports synchronization for off-line use by remote laptops.
  • Great Features – GoldMine may not have all the bells & whistles, but it still has terrific features, many of which are not found in web-based competitors. That’s why GoldMine “power-users” remain big fans.

The Grass IS NOT Always Greener and It Is Still Grass Anyway – Every system has pros & cons. Human’s tend to discount the things they have and to put a higher value on things they don’t have. Besides, at the end of the day, most folks use much less than what their CRM is capable of.


 I talk to people from firms every week who are dealing with the dilemma of whether to upgrade their existing GoldMine system or to switch to a different CRM. Occasionally, I play devil’s advocate. Other times, I validate their plans. Either way, I try to inform them so they can make the decision they believe is best for them.

Are you trying to decide what to do about your GoldMine CRM?  Let’s talk.  Contact me at (845) 221-3800.