GoldMine CRM Still Has It’s Fans

I’ve been a GoldMine CRM dealer and user for over 25 years. Back in the day, when CRM was called “Contact Management,” GoldMine had a tremendous following of users, analysts and partners.

Over the years GoldMine has lost market share to all the big competitors on the block (you know their names), vertical applications and ERP systems that have integrated their own CRM.  It’s fair to say that GoldMine hasn’t done enough to improve their product, and earn praise from the analysts.  By the same token, GoldMine CRM still has a substantial book of customers and many loyal fans.  And for good reasons.

I regularly hear folks tell me how they used to GoldMine a long time ago, maybe at another firm or before their firm switched to “whatever.” They also often tell me that they miss GoldMine!

Regularly people come to my firm for assistance with an ancient edition of GoldMine that they need to upgrade because their GoldMine software is no longer compatible with modern operating systems or MS Office. They dread the thought of giving up their GoldMine and are relieved to have me tell them I can move all their data from their old GoldMine into the newest edition.  

We have migrated thousands of GoldMine users over from GoldMine Standard Edition 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, the GoldMine Corporate Edition and older Premium Editions (8.x and 9.x, etc.) to the latest edition of GoldMine Premium CRM 2018.x. In the process of breathing new life into their system, we always encourage firms to revisit their configuration, explore more ways to use GoldMine, and to improve their skills on the system through training and coaching.

First Direct Corporation provides various resources to help firms be successful with GoldMine, for example:

I am well aware of the competitors and the advanced features that many of these products offer. Moreover, First Direct sells the best of those competitors as far I am concerned.  However, frankly, I’m still a personal fan of GoldMine! Truthfully, I prefer to use my GoldMine CRM, Premium Edition.

None of the CRM applications are perfect.  What’s more, “the grass almost always looks greener on the other side.”  But more often than not, upgrading an old GoldMine software to the newest edition of GoldMine Premium CRM is the most economical and expedient solution with the greatest value proposition.  

If you’re running an older edition of GoldMine and you’re trying to decide whether to drop it, keep it, upgrade it or switch to a different CRM, First Direct Corp and I can help you make a decision.  Let’s discuss your options with the pros & cons of each.  Allow me to demonstrate the choices you have while I answer your questions.  Have me provide you costs.  And by all means, permit me to explain to you why  I still love using GoldMine CRM.