IntelliClick’s HTML Email Editor Being Sunset in 2018

The current bundled HTML editor provided with IntelliClick will be discontinued by the end of 2018.  In an effort to provide our customers with “best in class” email marketing tools, we have identified alternative HTML editors for your consideration.

IntelliClick allows HTML code to be used from ANY editor of your choice. For those currently using other tools to generate your emails’ HTML code, you do not need to change your process. This discontinuation only apples to the editor that is bundled with IntelliClick.

IntelliClick has identified MailStyler and as worthwhile options to consider. Both are relatively easy to learn and use and offer free trial versions. One of the biggest advantages of these editors is that they use drag and drop simplicity to generate optimized formating for mobile and other email clients like Outlook and Gmail.

Again, these are just 2 recommended HTML Editor options, you can use ANY HTML Editor to create your emails HTML code for use with IntelliClick. If you have questions about what other HTML Email Editors are available please contact First Direct Corp at (845) 221-3800.