6 HTML Email Editors To Easily Create HTML Emails

If you want to create or edit clean html emails, be sure to choose the correct web authoring tools.  For example, it is NEVER a good idea to use word processors like MS Word to create/write an email. Emails created using MS Word may look good with your eyes but the output will be poorly formatted and incompatible with many different email clients. This is the reason why you should opt for a good HTML email editor!

Listed below are 6 of the best HTML email designers/editors. Some are free and some are available as paid versions. Some are installed to your Windows Desktop/PC and some are used/accessed via your web browser and one is available for MAC users only. Some are feature rich and offer lots of advanced email design options, and some are very basic giving you just enough tools to be able to create a simple HTML email. So there is something for everyone depending on your needs, wants, budget, and skills.

1. MailStyler2 – Read a review – Basic $99, Pro $199, advanced drag & drop email designer, for Windows/PC

2. BeeFree.io – Read a review – FREE & Paid versions (starting at $10/month), simple to use drag & drop email designer, browser based

3. Topol.io FREE & Paid version ($5/month), simple to use drag & drop email designer, browser based

4. Responsive Email Designer – $129/year,  advanced drag & drop email designer, for Windows/PC

5. MOSAICO – FREE, basic drag & drop email designer, browser based

6. Mail Designer 365 – $8.34 month (billed annually), per person, advanced drag & drop email designer, for MAC users.

Other Considerations:

In addition to using a good HTML email editor like the ones listed above, you’ll also need to be able to create/edit your own images/photo’s to use in your email designs.  If you don’t have your own images/photos then you can use royalty free images from Pexels.com or from other similar royalty free sources.

If you are wanting to edit your images/photos by adding text, or cropping the images, or resizing them, etc. Then you’re going to need to use a good Graphic/Image Editing software program such as Photoshop. If you do not own Photoshop, there are some really good alternatives. GIMP is the most advanced free image editing software, and has similar features as Photoshop. PhotoScape is also a good alternative, but with less advanced options. Paint.net is another great free Image Editing program. Take a look at all three and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Last but not least, you may from time to time decide that your previously downloaded/saved html email code just needs a quick edit of the text, and rather than using your HTML Email Design software to recreate/edit and then redownload your HTML email, you could just make that simple change using an HTML editing tool, and a good free HTML Editor to use is www.Brackets.io, which is available for Windows and MAC.