7 Marketing Musts that Require Effective Use of CRM Software

The following 7 capabilities are NOT optional.  They are “Marketing Musts” and to achieve them every business is better off with a CRM application.

  1. Maintain an accurate central list of all your prospects and customers.
  2. Track details on those relationships that are used for marketing, sales and analysis.
  3. Segment your list to create more relevant communications to a target audience.
  4. Distribute leads and other records for follow-up by sales people.
  5. Capture interactions and conversations which are the basis for future marketing, sales and service activities.
  6. Rely on objective data collected over time as the basis for management decisions.
  7. Use and maintain your list in order to improve its accuracy.

For over 25 years First Direct Corporation has offered award-winning CRM applications.  The following link lists the solutions we offer.

But it is not enough just to have the software.  Your organization must use it effectively.  There are best practices that must be followed.

“It is only software until you turn it into a system.”