GoldMine 2017.1 Hotfix 2 Released

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2017.1 HF2

  • Replying to email with an apostrophe and a comma in the alias will cause an error that the
    email address is not linked.
  • Setting a filter (not grid filter but via Options) on a tab with a lot of records (e.g. with a certain
    reference) and scrolling down to get more results the existing results will be visually duplicated
    over and over again …
  • Constant Contact campaigns show occasionally duplicated in Campaigns grid >> this can
    happen when 2 different users are logging into the same Constant Contact account but also in
    other instances
  • “Save as Group” feature within the Contact Search Center allows curtained records to be
    added to a group.
  • Build a group contains unexpectedly also curtained contact records – group building does not
    respect record ownership and curtaining.
  • Expanded notes windows appears when the Activity related fields (for example CAL->Ref or
    CONTHIST->RESULTCODE) have a Context-dependant F2 Lookup and you try and open the
    specific field from an activity.
  • Provide better logging or the information about possible HRESULT exception meanings as they
    cannot be identified via Google.
  • Unable to open Email attachments from Pending Email (Email in the GoldMine Inbox).
  • GMWEB – An error has occurred on the server. Please contact your system administrator when
    clicking the Refine button for an advanced search

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If you are interested in updating your GoldMine to this hotfix release, please contact First Direct Corp. for assistance – (800) 935-4386.

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