Is your PC performing slowly? Here are 10 ways to make your computer perform better

There’s nothing more frustrating than a sluggish computer, especially when you know it has performed faster/better in the past. Rather than buying a new laptop or PC, here are 10 ways to make your  current computer run faster.

1) Uninstall unused and unwanted programs

2) Automatically delete temporary files  or use CCLEANER

3) Use/Install a solid state drive

4) Install additional hard drive storage

5) Prevent unnecessary applications from starting up automatically

6) Add more RAM

7) Run disk defragment

8) Run disk clean up or use CCLEANER

9) Assign a static IP address to your PC (talk to your IT/Network person)

10) Blow out the dust

If you need assistance with performing some of the above mentioned tasks please contact us to discuss further.