Set CRM Goals for the New Year

With a full new year ahead of us, now’s the perfect time to set goals for putting your GoldMine CRM to better use in 2017 and beyond.

Here are 7 areas regarding your CRM system which you can brainstorm around to develop ideas that may lead to great goals and even greater Return on Investment (ROI) from your GoldMine software.

# 1: Clean Up Your Data: Use queries to identify bad data/records and then use tools that GoldMine has to clean things up.

# 2: Revisit Fields & Views – Use fields more purposefully with end-use in mind

# 3: Identify features that you’re not using and determine suitability – Align a business process to the use of GoldMine.  Think outside the box and find ways to leverage functionality in ways that are not in the manual.

# 4: Encourage Adoption – Your success with CRM will be in direct proportion to your organization’s acceptance of best practices.  Training is one tactic for improving adoption.

# 5: Align Strategies & Tactics with your CRM and your organization’s usage – Identify a business objective, or process, or tactic that you can use GoldMine for.  Be open to changing how you do things in order to make better use of GoldMine and the information it contains.

# 6: Use Custom Reporting – You can use reporting to grow and manage your business. Reporting is as much a means of getting data into your database as it is to get data out.

# 7:  Consider Custom Integration/Programming – Don’t draw the line at what GoldMine can do “out of the box.”  Explore the possibility of “add-on products.” You can create a custom interface, data tables, and add functionality that will leverage your existing GoldMine as you also extend its value.

First Direct Corporation has services to assist you in all these areas.  Let’s talk about the ideas you come up with in your brainstorming session and how we can help to turn them into reality!  Call us today at 845-221-3800!

Best wishes for a wonderful, prosperous, and healthy New Year!






Bob Ritter
First Direct Corporation

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