"You've Got Mail!" – Email Notification for GoldMine

Would you like to be notified via a sound wave /audio file when new email arrives in GoldMine, just like AOL does with the “You’ve Got Mail!” voice.  It’s quite simple to setup and will allow you to be notified of and respond to your incoming emails right away.

The first thing you will need is an audio file to be played when ever you receive new email. There are lots of them available for free on the internet. I used the famous AOL  audio file. “You’ve Got Mail!” Once you have downloaded the file save it to your GoldMine  directory, or any where you choose.

Next Login to GoldMine and go to your Email Center.
Right Click on your inbox and select Options >> Set up E-mail Rules
In the Email Rules Center, in the left hand column, Right Click on Default and choose New >> New Rule

In the first field provide a unique name for this New Rule, I would suggest  “You’ve Got Mail”.
Then check the Incoming Email radio button
now click Next >

Check the “All of the following conditions must be true” radio button
and then click the NEW button at the bottom

In the Mail Field drop down select To:
and in the “Logical condition” drop down select Contains
and the Value field will be your email address, for instance I entered @1stdirect.com

You might ask, why just the @1stdirect.com?

I receive email from several different email addresses into my GoldMine, so
I am accounting for them all by putting just @1stdirect.com, you can do the same on your
end or just put your full email address if you only have 1 email account.

Once you are done hit OK

Then hit the Next > button

Now we are going to specify the action to take when the
previous condition is met, ie, when we receive new email.

Click the New button
In the “Action on Mail” drop down list, choose “Notify with a Sound”
and then browse out to where you saved the You’ve Got Mail audio file and select it.

Now hit Finish.

Last but not least, you will need to click  SAVE at the top of the Email Rules Center.

You should also check to make sure that you have your email account
set to auto retrieve and auto delete your emails from the mail server. If you
need help with that please contact First Direct Corp, for further assistance.