Using SQL Queries to Trouble Shoot GoldMine Automated Processes

If you’re a GoldMine Administrator or someone who builds Automated Processes in GoldMine then you are bound to run into the need for the following:

  1. Finding all records in GoldMine that have any Automated Process attached
  2. Finding which records in GoldMine have a particular Automated Process attached.
  3. Finding which records in GoldMine have an Automated Process waiting on a specific “Event.”

Here’s an example and my explanation of a situation that presents the need for #3.  Suppose you’re working on editing an existing Automated Process and you’re changing an event.  Let’s also say you know that that this process is already attached to records in GoldMine.  Any prior triggered events will not be effected by your changes, but any records that are up to and on the event that you’re changing may be effected by your change.  So you want to know which records those are.  Therefore you need a way to find only those records that have that Process attached AND are on the event you’re editing.  What’s the way to do this?

GoldMine SQL Queries are the answer.  A query can list out all the records on this event.  The query statement can be written using the actual “event” description (name).  For purposes of writing any of these queries you need to know that “Automated processes are stored in the “contsup” table with “rectype=E” and the “Event” name is listed in the “contsupref.”

Would you like an overview of the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Queries and Reporting Services for GoldMine?  Check our our Sharpen Your Knowledge Training Event.  (Note:  The events are run on a recurring basis so if you can’t make a specific date just let us know you’re interested and we’ll notify you of a future date.)