GoldMine Adminstrators … Do you have what it takes?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be The GoldMine Administrator?

No one is more relevant to the success of your CRM system than the GoldMine Administrator!  These days, CRM software is an integral application that enables businesses to work more effectively as a team and improve productivity.  It’s easy to see why the CRM Administrator’s role is critical to ANY organization.

A CRM system affects many essential areas of an organization including but not limited to marketing, sales, and customer service.  The quality and usage of your CRM data has broad implications for the entire organization.   In order to choose a GoldMine Administrator (GA), you need to know the role and duties it takes to fulfill the job.  This requires that the administrator know many the aspects of the GoldMine application including but not limited to:

  • Database Structure & Functionality
  • User Properties & Preferences
  • Designing Screens and Tabs
  • Configuring Functional Areas (e.g. Service Center, Opportunity & Project Management, etc.)

The Administrator should also be familiar with CRM Best Practices in areas such as:

  • Mapping Business Process and Objectives into Design
  • Maintaining Data Integrity
  • Uses of Queries and Reporting
  • Applications for Automation
  • Adequate Resources and Application Updates
  • Establishing Internal Usage Protocols and Documentation
  • Training Needs

Because the GA cannot succeed alone, they also should consider the areas of cooperation they must get from others such as:

  • Corporate Support and Advocacy
  • Management Input, Usage, and Advocacy
  • User cooperation and diligence
  • Pitfalls and Common Issues

CRM can be a competitive advantage in business!  The GoldMine Administrator has a tremendous effect on whether this happens for your organization.  The GA can only do their job properly if they are given the training and support they need to perform to the best of their abilities.

First Direct Corp. conducts a four-part web training series to help prepare GoldMine Administrators.  If you’d like to find out about this click here.