GoldMine 9.0.4 Released

FrontRange Solutions (FRS) announced 3/8/12 the release of GoldMine Premium 9.0.4.  Here is a link to the all the Premium Release Notes posted on First Direct’s site.  On FRS’s cover to the announcement of the release they write and I quote,

“As with all GMPE service packs, the biggest driver for GMPE 9.0.4 is product quality. This release contains over 30 fixed issues for improved product stability and quality, as well as support for GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.0.”  


While I certainly agree that this release has many important fixes, I have to say that First Direct has identified what we believe that FRS has also introduced a new very significant issue with Automated Processes.  If your firm uses GoldMine’s Automated Processes (AP) feature, then I recommend you DO NOT implement 9.0.4 until you hear me say it is addressed!   This issue was reported immediately to FRS and FRS has acknowledge the issue and it has been submitted to development to fix it.

AP Issue Update – 3/30/12:  FRS has identified the root cause of the issue and have addressed it in the hotfix.  Their testing shows that the hotfix does indeed correct the issue.  First Direct has also tested.  FrontRange reported that they expect to have a new public release with this fix in approx. a week.  As soon as it is released First Direct will install it, test it, and I will update this post.

4/18/12 – NEW BUILD IS OUT!  FrontRange has released the fix in an updated release!  Release notes will be posted to the link above as soon as I can get my hands on them (by 4/20).

Speaking My Mind – by Bob Ritter, President of First Direct Corp.:

It is more common than I would like it to be that these releases take “2 steps forward and 1 step back.”  Nonetheless, it is still good for there to be forward momentum.  FRS must keep moving the product forward, and we all must keep the pressure on FRS for greater R&D and product quality.  GoldMine is a great product that has many advantages over other solutions, but it also needs significant improvements and that will take FrontRange Solutions’ investment and commitment.  Partners like First Direct Corp. and customers/users such as you play an important role.  We all need to speak up in an effort to encourage that from FRS!   If you own GoldMine and you want it to be a better CRM product, write the manufacturer with your thoughts, ideas, and concerns.