Planning for Your New QuoteWerks Software

There’s more to a successful QuoteWerks implementation than just taking the CD out of the box and installing the software. Here is a list of things to consider when planning your QuoteWerks roll-out. We at First Direct are here to help you with your QuoteWerks project. We can assist you with the following tasks and help you get up to speed efficiently and as quickly as possible. The items in GREEN are items that we consider your “homework”. Having these items ready, or at least giving them some thought, really lets us hit the ground running.

Consider Technical Aspects of the Installation

  • Make sure all systems meet the QuoteWerks system requirements.
  • Determine if users will be QW “nodes” on the LAN, or QW remote sync users.
  • QW install wizard needs to be run under a Windows account with administrator rights to the local machine.
  • If you have QW Corporate Edition and plan to host to MS SQL Server backend note the SQL software/licensing is NOT included with QuoteWerks.
  • If on QW Professional or Corporate Editions and plan on remote sync users, make sure those users have LAN or VPN connection to the QW server.

User Accounts and Permissions

  • Have a list of all users’: Full names, contact info, and email account settings.
  • Determine what users should have full admin access to QW.
  • Decide what features/functions should be taken away from “regular” users.

Products/Services Price Lists

  • Determine if you want a single product price list with products from all vendors, or a separate price list for each vendor.
  • Gather any current price lists you have in electronic form (Excel files, Access Database, QuickBooks, etc…) in preparation for import into QuoteWerks.
  • Decide on Pricing Method(s) to use. (i.e. – Discount from list, markup from cost, fixed, volume based, etc…)
  • If you plan on using QW’s link to online vendors (Synnex, Ingram Micro, TechData, etc…) make sure you establish the account information and enroll in the required services offered by those vendors.

Quote/Order Layouts

  • When it comes to the design of your Quote and Order layouts think about what information, logos, and verbiage you want to appear on these documents.
  • Gather existing sample quotes/order forms that you currently use if you feel these would provide a good starting point or illustration of what you need.
  • Any logos/images you would like to use should be of print quality and in an image file format (jpeg, gif, bmp, etc…)