Announcement for QuoteWerks Owners

The QuoteWerks Development Team is planning to release Version 5.3 in the next month or so.

In preparation for the upcoming release, you may need to upgrade your SQL server or migrate your QuoteWerks database to a newer SQL server.

If you do not know what version of SQL you are using, you can easily verify this in QuoteWerks by going to the System Tab of the Help|About menu.

QuoteWerks Version 5.3 will only support Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher in preparation for the NText memo type field being discontinued in the next version of Microsoft SQL

( If you have rehosted QuoteWerks to Azure recently, you may have already received a warning about this from Azure.

During the QuoteWerks v5.3 upgrade, all Memo fields in the QuoteWerks database will be converted from NTEXT to nvarchar(MAX) for better performance.

The upcoming QuoteWerks release has a number of exciting capabilities including:

  • Simple Labor
  • Quote Sections (like tabs)
  • Linked Quantities
  • UI redesign
  • And more…

Future announcements will be coming. If you’d like a demonstration of QuoteWerks contact First Direct!

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