Aligning Your Management With Your CRM Tools

Management that is engaged and involved wants to be connected to the activities of the individuals and processes they are managing.   They want to be able to touch and see for themselves the details that form the big picture they operate in.   CRM gives managers a means to do so.  With GoldMine CRM, managers can drill down at their discretion let alone pull the data together for a rolled-up table or graphical view.  

When management is in the system and comfortable with how the information they manage is collected, they are much better able to collaborate with the sale force and their support staff.  Just because a race car driver doesn’t change their car’s tires, doesn’t mean they don’t understand the mechanics of their car.  To the contrary, it is through this understanding of the engineering of their car that they are able provide their pit crew and race team engineers with input that empowers them to achieve greater performance!

Management that begins with clear goals & objectives can then devise coordinated strategies & tactics.  Having done this, then the next vital step is to align these with the design and usage of your CRM system.   When this is all done the users of your CRM will have a more intuitive workflow and produce better results for you.  What’s more, your reports will provide you with more helpful information to help you manage smarter.  And, because you’re tied into the same system as the people whom you manage, as managers you have a ready means for communicating with one another and delegating and tracking follow-up.

Managing how we handle customer service, from the back-office administrative aspects to the tracking and managing of customer service requests, is as important as any area of your firm.  While no technology on earth will replace the “human touch” including but not limited to the instincts, common sense, and good nature of your staff that handles your inquiries, these people can be aided by CRM.  Your administrators and customer service staff will only fully embrace the use of CRM if they are shown how its features can be applied to their day-to-day situations and help them to work in more efficiently in concert with others.

They need to know you’re watching!

I hate the phrase, “do as you say not as you do.”  Besides the fact that I don’t believe it works that way, it says the wrong message on a of couple levels!   This is true in many areas of your life, including your CRM system.  Management needs to get in to the system and the sales force needs to know you’re watching.   When management is on GoldMine, tracking and interacting with prospects and customers and the reps on those accounts it has a profound impact – providing both direct and indirect benefits!