QB2CRM – QuickBooks and GoldMine Integration

This issue’s Golden Nugget is not about any one customer, but a general need that people have for integrating their GoldMine CRM with their Accounting or ERP data. First Direct has been called upon by many customers to do this from ACCPAC to Macola to vertical applications such as eQuantum for the distribution industry. But far and away the most popular application for small to midsized businesses is Quickbooks. For that reason we have developed a solution which answers the needs of many organizations using GoldMine and Quickbooks, we call it QB2CRM.

Finally there is an economical and ready to go way to integrate these two popular solutions by giving users many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Creating and linking records in either system from the other
  • Viewing QuickBooks invoice history from GoldMine
  • Launching from GoldMine to QuickBooks Account or Invoice
  • Reporting & analysis possibilities
  • Fast and flexible data integration
  • Limit access to your QuickBooks data

Our customers are happy with the results and First Direct Corp is adding new capabilities for purchasing managers. Because of the built in flexibility of QB2CRM we are able to do customized implementations, tailored to specific customer requests such as a tie in with sales orders and opportunities and a way to roll-up to Quickbooks jobs. Given how we are accessing the data the possibilities for custom reporting and analysis and unique use of your accounting data from within GoldMine is possible. Aligning your CRM with your accounting helps your organization operate more effciently and smarter. It’s another great way to move from “Survive to Thrive” in the new year. We invite customers to share their needs and ideas.

If you’d like to learn more click here to request more information or register for our upcoming online webinar presentation.

If you are not using QuickBooks contact us for other integration options.