Aligning Your Network and Hardware with Resource Requirements

Skimping on hardware makes no sense today.  The cost of virtually any piece of computer hardware from laptops to servers to switches & hubs has dropped so much over the last several years that you can make a case for replacing any piece of equipment that is slowing your users down and limiting their productivity.  People should be able to work as fast as they can go and when the reason they are going slower than they want to or are able to is because of your computer equipment then something should be done about it.  People and their time are expensive – hardware is cheap!  

With many of the new Windows applications today the demands have never been greater on your computer and network resources.  If you want to enjoy the robust functionality of GoldMine Premium, let alone your new Microsoft Office and other Windows applications give them adequate resources.  Just meeting the minimum system requirements of one application is self-defeating if you plan to run multiple applications simultaneously like everyone does.   More computing horsepower will give users the high-performance they need to perform more highly for you!