Aligning Your Sales With Your CRM Tools

If you’ve ever taken my basic end-user GoldMine training, you’ve heard me say “do your day.”  One of the key points about a workgroup CRM system for the sales team (reps, support, management, etc.) is that everyone should just do their day, the same way, in GoldMine!

The famous comedian Jack Benny once humored, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice!”

A workgroup of CRM users is like an orchestra in that everyone has their role and needs to play their part well, but no matter how good we all play, it will only sound good if we’re all playing at the same time off the same sheet of music. 

GoldMine Premium provides you many tools for aligning the day-to-day life of your sales people, including but not limited to email and letter templates, fields for collecting qualifying information, a means of tracking activities and planning future follow-up, opportunity management, a seamless basis for providing the data that is needed by marketing and management, and much more! 

It’s important to get your prospects into the hands of an effective salesperson.  But when that salesperson is also a capable user of a CRM system that is aligned to the way they do their job, you have an even greater result.   In addition to that salesperson achieving greater sales productivity, your whole business can thrive as you achieve the synergy that comes from a sales team that is able to function far better with one another, their support staff, marketing, and management!