Missing Primary Email Addresses

GoldMine has long allowed users to store multiple email addresses in a contact record.  It’s not uncommon for someone to have multiple email addresses, let alone the email addresses associated with additional contacts within the same GoldMine record.  By the same token only one address can be marked (identified) as the “primary email address” .

When doing a broadcast email from GoldMine, or when exporting emails, the targets recipients are typically these primary email addresses.  So, if you have a record without the primary email address being identified this contact will certainly fail to be sent or receive your communications.  That is why the GoldMine administrator should run a SQL Query to identify records with missing primary email addresses.  And, to build lists of records that require clean up by your staff or sales reps.

A sure sign that a record is missing a primary email address is if there is a blank email field.  In GoldMine Premium Edition this field will appear blank even if there are other emails addresses in the record.  This is a difference from older versions of GoldMine which would display one of the other emails when there was no primary, creating the illusion that you had a primary address even when you did not.

Here is a SQL Query your GoldMine administrator can run to identify records that don’t have a primary email address specified.

select c1.company, c1.key5, c1.accountno
from contact1 c1
join (
select distinct(accountno)
from contsupp cs1
where cs1.contact=’E-mail Address’ and
substring(cs1.zip,2,1)<>’1′ and
not exists
(select distinct(accountno)
from contsupp cs2
where cs2.contact=’E-mail Address’ and
substring(cs2.zip,2,1)=’1’and cs1.accountno=cs2.accountno)
Emails on c1.accountno=Emails.accountno