Dialing Out of Goldmine with the GoldMine Softphone – Dream or Reality

Have you ever wondered “What is the GoldMine Softphone and does it work?”

Firstly, let’s explain what a “softphone” is.  A softphone is a software-based phone that sits on your computer’s desktop and acts very much like a typical phone handset except that it operates off your computer with or without a physical handset.

A softphone is great for those looking for less clutter on their physical desk and greater mobile functionality with their computer.  With a softphone you can operate through some handsets or you can eliminate the handset by plugging a headset directly into your computer’s soundcard.

In addition, the softphone works like the sometimes complex and more expensive IP phone hardware that folks are using to “dial over the Internet” through a VOIP phone service provider.  But, because the Goldmine Softphone is already built in to your GoldMine Premium and Corporate Edition CRM software, it can save you money on hardware and eliminate the need to carry that hardware around with you when you travel!

Now, onto the features of GoldMine’s Softphone.  Again, it is built in to GoldMine software with common functions such as a keypad for outbound dialing, answering incoming calls, putting calls on hold or transfer.

Because the GoldMine Softphone is designed to integrate with the GoldMine database, it can offer less common features that make the GoldMine Softphone special and attractive including the ability to:

  • Use your GoldMine database to dial your contact phone numbers
  • Automatically launch the GoldMine “Complete a Call” dialogue to track & record call duration
  • Launch to, also known as “Pop,” the GoldMine record based on a caller ID match
  • Record calls (as .wav files) that can be linked to the GoldMine record recording

Finally, to the title of this article: GoldMine Softphone – Dream or Reality?
There’s a great deal of confusion about whether the GoldMine Softphone works, and whether it can integrate with an existing phone system.  The answer is YES, it is a reality! … provided you know how to set it up and that you can meet the proper requirements for specific drivers, protocols, and phone system functions.

Please contact First Direct Corp. if you’d like assistance setting up your GoldMine softphone.  (By the way, the softphone is a reality at First Direct — we have the GoldMine Softphone working on our own phone system.)  We also offer other telephony integration solutions for telemarketing campaign and integrating existing phone systems with GoldMine.