Learn to Use the CRM Tools You Have

A week doesn’t go by that First Direct does not get several “tech support calls” from a GoldMine user who needs help to do something related to marketing and/or sales with GoldMine.  Although “support calls” are procedurally directed to our “help desk,” the real basis for such calls is often less of a “tech support” issue and more of a training matter. 

Would you agree that most of the software we own can do a lot more than we know how to do with it?  Yet, manufacturers are pressured to build more & more functionality into their products even though users tend to under-use what they already have.  I include myself in this! 

There is also a common misconception that I call “the silver bullet myth” – I define it as follows:  Just because the software maker says their product does something, you can get it to do it.  Others might call this marketing hype.  Let’s just say that manufacturers tend to “over simplify” in their marketing materials.

Lack of knowledge, or skill, translates into lack of use.  And when it comes to GoldMine, lack of use means less marketing and sales.  Whether it’s creating template emails or letters, building a marketing list using filters or groups, broadcasting emails to primary and select additional contacts, running needed reports or analyzing data, automating a drip marketing campaign, importing leads from lists or web forms, or something else, if you lack the skills to perform this function you’re limiting yourself and your organization’s success. 

The simple moral of the story here is this:  If you want to market better with GoldMine, learn how to!  First Direct is a great place to start.  Email me today and let’s review your needs and customize a training agenda.  Or, sign up for one of our upcoming topical web-based training events.