A Little Email Administration Oversite Which Causes a Big Problem

This article is for those of you who use the GoldMine email center for sending and receiving emails. When configuring your e-mail account settings in the GoldMine email center there is the option to auto-retrieve and auto-delete emails. If you are going to auto-retrieve emails you MUST either check the auto-delete checkbox or remember to manually delete your emails from the online folder in the GoldMine email center after you have retrieved them, otherwise you’re going to retrieve the same emails over and over again.

I had a customer who called into our helpdesk with the same issue. Here was their situation, the user was auto-retrieving email and was set to auto-retrieve email every 2 minutes. The user logged in and checked their email and noticed about a 1000 copies of the same email in their GoldMine email center inbox.

My first recommendation is to set GoldMine to auto-retrieve email every 15 minutes and not 2 minutes. That’s really asking alot of your mail server and if you know you’re expecting an important email you can just as easily manually retrieve it from the online folder when it arrives. Then change the email settings so that they are set to auto-retrieve and auto-delete.