DbNetGrid is a fully encapsulated AJAX enabled grid component designed for use in Intranet/Internet development. It provides a fast and flexible way of presenting and updating database information in a browser environment. DbNetGrid can be used as a simple grid component integrated with your own applications, a web-reporting tool or as part of a fully functional web-application. No need to write any code.

Using GoldMines’ GM+View Tab & Browser you can display your DbNetGrid applications inside of GoldMine. DbNetGrid is a great solution for anyone who need GoldMine reports, or who wants to view non-GoldMine database information inside of GoldMine. For example, give your GoldMine users access to your customers accounting information by displaying accounting database information inside of a GM+View using DbNetGrid.

DbNetGrid can be added easily to existing HTML/ASP or ASP.NET in a few seconds and can be used in conjunction with tools such as VS.NET and Dreamweaver MX. A simple DbNetGrid application can be configured with as little as 3 lines of code. Grids can be generated from the DbNetGrid::Designer interface.

DbNetGrid has a massive array of capabilities that you can activate with a few lines of code saving hundreds of man-hours of development time. Some of these capabilities include:

■Update, insert and delete records (including custom validation).

■Point and click re-ordering.

■Search dialog (with the ability to use the full range of SQL relational operators)

■Ability to export results in HTML, Word, Excel or XML formats.

■Create charts using MS Excel

■ Save and restore run-time configuration with User Profiles.

■ Supports totals and sub-totals.

■Link to MS Word and perform automated mail-merges