Tag Your Way to a Better Follow-up

You can use GoldMine’s “tagging” feature to select records for targeted follow-up. Tagging is a means of building a temporary filter. You can tag records on the Contact Listing, Members in Groups, and Records on the Activity List. To Tag records, hold your “Control Key” down and select items from the views above with a single left mouse click. A second left click will un-tag the record. Bear in mind that you are actually “tagging” the Record, not the activity! So the filter corresponds to the Primary Contact, not an Additional Contact, should the Activity even be with another contact.

Here’s an example of how Tagging can be used. Suppose you have a load of literature follow-up calls in your Activity List – by glancing down the Codes and Notes, you can select from the entire list of calls those records that you want to send a quick personal email. Then use the mail/email merge capability to efficiently communicate with all of them.

Other useful ways to use tagging:

  • Build Groups based on Tagged Members from an existing Group.
  • Tag and merge duplicate records
  • Tag and delete records
  • Tag and globally replace data in records
  • Tag and “Group Schedule” calls

Sometimes there are just too few hours in the day, and you need a trick to help you be more efficient. Tagging is one of the those features in GoldMine that you can find a dozen uses for … and when you start to use it like this, you’ll definitely accomplish more!