Use the Group Reference for Easy Reference

When building and managing Groups in GoldMine, you can opt to have any Contact1 or Contact2 field displayed in the “Reference” column of the Group. Often this data can be helpful to view data from the record when viewing and working with Group Membership.

To populate the Reference column with field data, you use an expression when building or sorting the Group. For example, if you want to see the record’s city, use the expression {contact1->city}. To display a different Primary field (top half of the screen) just substitute that field name. To use fields from the Summary or Fields tab, change the expression to {contact2->db field} and enter the exact database field name, not the label.

Another point about Groups, Sorting members can be very useful when working with Groups. You can sort the list by any Contact1 or Contact2 field. Keep in mind that the Sort field is limited to the first eight characters. Once you sort the membership, the “Find” box corresponds to the values in the “Sort” column.