By The Numbers

Selling has been called a “numbers game.” Clearly it is much more than that. However, it’s obvious that sales and marketing depend, in part, on getting out there and reaching as many as you can. While rejection is unavoidable, any sales professional also recognizes the need to reach enough targeted suspects, prospects and current customers repeatedly in order to win at the numbers game.

To produce the necessary frequency and volume of communications, it can take an integrated stream including phone, personalized and bulk mail, email, fax, advertising, word-of-mouth, publicity and Internet marketing. In each area GoldMine has something to offer.


  • Mail Merge
  • Email Merge
  • Integrated Fax Server Solutions
  • Speed Dialing · Referral Tracking
  • Web Importing

Sure GoldMine is great for managing relationships, managing our time, tracking calls and appointments, and taking notes! By the same token, it’s a super tool for reaching your numbers. (It’s also a great tool, in conjunction with reporting and analysis tools, for checking to make sure you achieve your numbers.) So, in addition to setting goals for sales volume, set goals for:

  • Mass and Personalized Direct Mail
  • Email Broadcasts
  • Fax Broadcasts
  • Call Types (use activity codes to track)
  • Referrals

Measuring and managing the flow of these types of communications will raise your awareness of whether you’re producing the level of marketing activities to truly support and build on the efforts of your sales or telemarketing reps. Similarly, the feedback will underscore the volume of activities these reps need to do themselves.

GoldMine helps you play the numbers game so you win by the numbers!