Big Brother

Just because people love to hate the “big brother” aspect of CRM, doesn’t mean it is not a valid application for the tool. Sure there are better ways to manage and motivate people than to spy on them and hover over their shoulder. You can choose what to do with this information. I’m just going to give you a few ideas that may help you to inspect what you expect. Depending on how your security access is set up, you may not have access to several of these.

Closed Tab and Real Time Tab on the Activity List – There are two quick and easy places for reviewing users’ completed activities in detail. The Closed Tab is great for going over the specific types of activities (calls, appointments, next actions, etc.) for a certain user, while the Real Time Tab will give you a blow-by-blow of each completed activity for every user on your network in real time. Both views give you the option to “filter” the list so you can drill down for certain Activity Codes or Date Ranges, etc.

Calendar Peg Board – The Peg Board is the last tab on the Calendar view. If you operate in a network environment it lets you see whether any user is currently active on GoldMine by displaying whether they’re logged in or away, and how many minutes it has been with no activity.

Statistical Analysis – This Analysis View is a fast and simple way to get a tally of the number of completed calls, appointments, forms, emails, sales, etc. for selected users for a specified period of time. It’s useful for checking against goals.

Forecasting and Quota Analysis – Use these Analysis Views to get a roll-up of the total sales revenue in your pipeline by user, group of users or overall. (If you’re using Opportunities, then the Opportunity Manager gives you a detailed breakdown and the ability to sort.)

System Logs – User Logins and Sync Wizard Logs are administrative tools to see how many records a user has edited and the times they’ve synched if they’re a remote user.

Time Clock Tab on User Properties – This view is only available to users with Master Rights. However, it will tell you every time a user has logged in and out, and even how many keystrokes and mouse clicks they’ve done.

It’s still nice to know that there are a few features that GoldMine possesses that will help you to determine if your people are doing what you’re paying them to do. Besides, what’s so bad about wanting to get your money’s worth?