■#1) Know the Competition, #2) Spread the News, and #3) Automating Event Registration

#1) Know the Competition
A manufacturer that uses GoldMine wanted to keep a better handle on the market share they and their competition had. Knowing that their sales reps are speaking to the same national pool of dealers, they recognize that this would be possible if the reps asked certain qualifying questions and tracked the responses in GoldMine. So we created custom GoldMine fields with the names of their competitors in the lookup lists. They instructed their reps to gather the necessary information. Then at the end of a period of time we produced a customized report using Crystal Reports to calculate and graphically display their market penetration as compared to their competitors by region and nationally. The information told them where they were strong and where they were weak. It also gave them a basis for territory realignment. It could even lead to staffing and recruiting actions.

#2) Spread the News
A service company decided to create a help desk and hire a help desk manager. They believed a more formal customer service system and process would lead to improved service and therefore, greater customer loyalty. It was a significant investment. Recognizing the value they were seeking to provide their current and prospective customers, they decided to get the word out about their actions to serve them better. So they prepared a written publicity announcement and then targeted their prospects and customers with messages geared to each audience. Letters and emails went out with GoldMine and the reaction has been very positive!

#3) Automating Event Registration
A consulting firm, which holds seminars to attract new clients, sought a better way to handle registration. They were already a GoldMine user and their Solution Partner used GoldMine to help them. Many of the attendees register on-line so it was a perfect opportunity to capture contact information using eGrabber’s Web Response tool. Aside from entering all the contact information, the web import is designed to also:

■ Record in the Details tab a campaign response
■ Add them to the event registrant list.
■ Kick-off an email thanking them for registering.
■ Schedule a event confirmation call for an administrator
■ Advise the event planner the good news about another registrant. Mission accomplished!