Synchronization Profiles

Setting up a synchronization profile allows for remote end-users to “sync” with just a few mouse clicks without being too technically knowledgeable. For our example we will choose to Create a Transfer Set. Use the following steps to set up the profile:

  1. Go File/Synchronize/Synchronization Wizard
  2. Choose Start a new session, Next
  3. Choose Create a Transfer Set, Next
  4. On the “Create a Transfer Set” screen we will browse out to a location to store the transfer set file such as C:\My Documents, leave everything else unchecked, Next
  5. The “Send Options” screen will determine which criteria we want to add in our transfer set, Next
  6. The “Send Contact-related Options” screen is where we decide what database(s) to send, Next
  7. The “Send Filter Options” screen allows for some records to be filtered out of a database, for our example we will not attach a filter, Next
  8. The “Cutoff Date/Time” screen allows the user to choose the period of time he wishes to send records from, Next