Database Fundamentals

  Before anyone started using the term CRM, direct marketers were using databases. And, while CRM is the latest buzz, direct marketing gurus have been telling marketers about database fundamentals before Elan Susser (inventor of GoldMine) wrote his first line of code. The fundamentals are still relevant. Fortunately, however, GoldMine makes it a heck of a lot easier to practice them.

On the other hand, just because we have a powerful tool in GoldMine, doesn’t mean we’re doing what we need to in order to maintain, enhance and use our database. Here are a few database fundamentals and the features in GoldMine that give you better ability to adhere to them:

Database Fundamental
GoldMine Feature
Eliminate duplicatesAddress Verification

Data Append/Enhancement

Postal Presort Discounts

Tracking List Source

One-to-One Marketing

Suppressing Records

List Hygiene

Merge/Purge ToolImport/Export Wizard with Match Field

Import/Export Wizard with Match Field

Sorting by Zip Code

Source Field and Leads Analysis

Mail/Email Merge to Filtered/Grouped Records

Flagging Fields with Suppress Codes

Look-up Lists, Force Validating and Auto Filling Fields

Ultimately the most fundamental aspect of maintaining a good database depends on the users of it. The real moment of truth that will most greatly affect the quality of your database is every time one of your sales reps or telemarketers or administrators is entering contact information. Your CRM system is not going to spell check a name or address or phone number.

Assuming your “house file” of prospects and customers is one of your organization’s most valuable assets, are you treating it as such? Who in your organization is responsible for seeing to it that you’re doing what should be done in order to maintain, enhance and use your database?

Being a better marketer is a lot easier with GoldMine. And, while GoldMine can’t turn you into a marketing genius, it sure can help you to work like one!