Default Doesn’t Mean Better

There’s a tendency for GoldMine Administrators to leave it up to the GoldMine user to change their “User Preferences” (Edit > Preferences). The assumption being that since they are “User Preferences” the user should do it themselves. This is reasonable; however, practically speaking, most users don’t get around to making changes. Oftentimes they just don’t understand the implications, and therefore just leave it alone. Here is a list of some changes that are worth considering:

  • Personal Tab – Fill in all your contact info. (This information can be merged into letters and emails, so it definitely comes in handy. Since there’s no “Email” field, you may want to put your email in the “Department” field as a work-around.)
  • Record Tab – Check the “Show Sort-by Field” option to display the database’s active Sort order on the Status bar.
  • Calendar Tab – Under Display Details choose to “Show Activity Code” on Scheduled and Completed Activities on your calendar. (Note: Have your office administrator enter all the Holidays your company recognizes.)
  • Schedule Tab – Check “Carry over completion notes when scheduling follow-up calls.”
  • Lookup Tab – I prefer to have my “Contact Listing” window Close once a record is selected.
  • Misc. Tab – If your office makes strong use of the “InfoCenter,” then I recommend you set it to “Show ‘What’s New’ in the InfoCenter when logging in.”

Life just got easier for the GoldMine user who wasn’t aware of these options before!